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bI hH 2bee5a1f77c22d79a19d2eed4d6f7e6b

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This Video article is our observation of 7 Most annoying things people do in gyms,  I’m also pleased to have my client in the video who helped me to make the the video.

These annoying things happen in just about every gym and fitness facilities, there’s a good chance you’ve seen it too.

Lets get this started….

7. The People Who Never Work Out – You’ll see these people reading a magazine or newspaper while sipping a cup of coffee as they have absolutely zero training productivity.  These people are here for the social scene and prefer not to break a sweat but instead talk the whole time and bother every body else.

6. I’m going to gym but I think I’ll do catwalk – You’ve seen these people working out at the gym in the skimpiest clothes possible they really shouldn’t be.  They’ll wear a sports bra top/vest and it can be distractive, Not to mention most of them wear far too much slap on their face.

5. The Over Functional Training style – People working out with on a stability ball while standing on 1-leg and doing shoulder presses.  He’s trying way too hard and wasting his time.  And the worst part is people who don’t know what they’re doing or are newbies to the gym watch this guy and start copying him because they never seen anybody else doing it.

4. Nudity in The Locker Room – These are the people who are constantly walking around the locker room fully naked and don’t even bother to wear a towel.  You do your best not to look but can not help it sometimes and it makes you never want to shower at the gym again.  You’ll also see these people brushing their teeth naked and blow drying their private parts right in front of you.

3. People never put their weights back –  This may apply to every fitness clubs to a certain point, some clubs are better at policing this rule than others. However the majority of the gyms I been visited over the year have come across this problem, most likely you get the same members who will simply not bother to put away the weights.  So you constantly have to manoeuvre yourself around the gym floor when you are to putting your equipment back. What is most annoying, when you ask a member politely to put their equipment back, they will give you the worst possible reasons like; “It was there already”, “I did’t know I had too”, “I’ll do it after I finish my training”. Well guess what, dear Mr/Mrs PUT THE WEIGHTS BACK right away !

2The Perv Who Likes To Watch – Probably one of the biggest things that scares women off from going to the gym in the male dominated area (Free Weights).  Let’s be honest here, we’ve all seen that guy who does one exercise of bench press and spends the rest of the time sitting around and staring at women.

1. People who Look At Themselves In The Mirror –Look At Themselves In The Mirror Probably the biggest cliche in the fitness industry are these giant ego people who can’t help but look at the extra little growth they’re seeing from pumping a bunch of blood to their muscles.


Leave a comment below and let us know what other annoying things you’re seeing in the gym too.

Sep 1

End of holiday; back to fitness!

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I had a great summer time in Budapest. It’s a lovely city and I was impressed with the architecture, cafés and spas. My holiday reminded me how effective bodyweight exercises are for developing strength, power, balance and flexibility. I have included a selection of bodyweight exercises that you could try. Please see below. 

Human Flag Budapes

Here I am, holding a human flag on the famous Chain Bridge, over the Danube. In my opinion, the hardest bodyweight exercise I’ve tried so far.

DNA Fit Premier

I attended development courses on Human DNA testing and its effects on sports performance at The Royal Society of Medicine. 

Todd Durin in London

I also went to the UK’s largest fitness event to pick up the latest fitness training techniques. Here I am with the American trainer, Todd Durkin.

I’ve included a sample of 12 bodywieght exercises, just to give you an idea.

Jul 12

Fitness Tips For Success – 4 Key Elements

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In this video, Discover four most important factors to reach amazing results in fitness and nutrition.

  1. Firm Fitness Foundations
  2. Personal Fitness & Nutrition Plan
  3. Support
  4. Fun



Clear directions in fitness


Jan 16

First Women only Bootcamp opens up in kingston

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Signature Bootcamp workout

Personal fitness trainer Tony Laliashvili has created a fitness programme that combines the fat-burning power of cardiovascular workouts, with the lean muscle-building capabilities of a bootcamp workout. His signature programme is called the 4 Week Intensive Booty Camp Fitness Programme. Its goal is to enable women to burn off any stubborn fat pockets that they might be battling. It also tones the entire body, with a special emphasis on improving clients’ booties! The programme teaches overall physical fitness and provides advice on proper nutrition.

At the moment Boot Camp fitness is quite popular and can be traced to the present economic environment.  Many consumers are watching their money, while simultaneously trying to stretch their personal budgets to achieve personal fitness in a concise and effective manner.

Many people understand the benefits and the necessities of exercise. The Exercise not only burns fat, but helps to improve insulin resistance, shuts down fat storage hormones such as cortisol, and helps humans obtain the deep and restorative sleep that they need. However, many find that they need fitness help in order to implement and maintain a healthy and effective fitness plan. New fitness trainees often find that despite their desire and willingness to exercise, they still need the guidance of an experienced Personal Trainer. Unfortunately, PT services are quite a costly nowadays, so GBF offers an affordable and effective alternative.

This is why Tony’s programme has become so popular! GBF enables fitness participants to be able to train in a group setting, which always costs less per participant. The 4 Week Booty Camp programme will enable women to shape the very desirable firm booty, while losing their last stubborn pounds and obtaining other health benefits.

Find out more about GetBootyFit by taking a tour of our membership benefits.

Nov 25

What is ViPR | Vipr Warm Up

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ViPR Workout

Get Body Fit welcomes you  to ViPR Training, The unique exercise programme that is designed to improve and transform your body.

I really think what makes ViPR an unique training tool, is its diverse structure. They come in different weight. Its designed so You can lift and cary it, drag or roll, perform Squat and Lunge movements, Tilt and series of rotational exercise.

Try out the workout:

I look forward to your Feedback.

For more info:


Hi My name is Tony Laliashvili and welcome to vipr Training, The unique exercise programme that is designed to improve and transform your body,  Now how are we going to do that!  through movement load training.  you are using your entire body to effectively create motion. This is consistent with the fundamental design of the human body. Recent biomecanical studies have demonstrated that using whole body is more effective and loading  this movements will accelerate your results.


Principe we used with vipr workouts called max interval training. You are going to be working 2 minutes non-stop followed by only 30 second of rest. and than repeat whole workout one more time.

SEE ViPR in media

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