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Meet the DanBefore:

17% body fat



11.5% body fat



Dan initially consulted me after he injured his back playing football. His osteopath recommended a course of PT sessions with me to strengthen the muscles that support his back.

After consulting with his osteopath to understand his condition better, I performed a full body assessment to test his muscle strength, body posture and flexibility. Then we put together a detailed exercise programme and nutrition plan. The varied workouts aimed to improve his strength, posture and balance. They incorporated ViPR, foam rollers, stretches, kettle bells and free weights.

While transforming his body, Dan improved his training techniques and learned the proper way to recover from injury. He’s strengthened his back and core. He’s also fitter and more flexible and says he’s noticed improvements in the sports he plays – like football and cycling. I’m still working with him and there’s still lots more to come!

“Tony makes training fun and varied. I’ve got stronger and fitter, and I feel more confident that I can train myself safely. I’m very happy with my results.” Dan Adams

Tony Training Dan

If you’re looking to start, re-engage, or fine-tune your own personal fitness programme, I’d love to hear from you. 

To get in touch and book a slot with Tony, feel free to contact us

Feb 27

Celebrating Seven Years!

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This month I celebrated my 25th birthday and 7 years as a Fitness coach!

Seven is an interesting number. There  are seven days of the week, seven deadly sins, seven musical notes and seven wonders of the world.

Here are seven fitness issues, that cause people to fail in the gym.

No goals,
No progression,
No support,
No encouragement, No feedback,
No nutrition, and
No fun!

If you are experiencing any of these issues and need help, why not call me on 07531 701 638 for a (seven minutes!) chat!.  POWER OF 7…

This is one of the seven wonders of the world, Part of the Power of Seven.

This is one of the seven wonders of the world, Part of the Power of Seven.

Pistol Squat

I had a great holiday in Tunisia. Here I am practicing the Pistol squat exercise on the beach.

Dec 5

Heads up for Christmas & a New Year!

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Recent figures suggests Britain is the fattest nation in Europe. Now there’s talk of the NHS paying for more weight loss operations. According Cancer Research poll in UK estimates that some people alone drink 4,000 calories in the run up to Christmas.

I am writing this as we approach Christmas and a New Year. It’s a time when people often put on weight. But whilst it can be a great time for food, family and fun, I don’t think it should be an excuse to put on weight. After all, lots of turkey or other lean meat and plenty of vegetables are good, not bad, for you. It’s all the extra snacks and particularly the booze that have the “empty” calories. It’s all about choice really. We live a much more sedentary life style now. I was reminded of this when I revisited Georgia.

Exercise is important, but you can’t exercise your way out of an awful diet. You need exercise and nutrition, working together. And talking about nutrition, it’s not just the total calories, but the quality of those calories and how much is protein, carbs and fat. “Fit not thin” is a good mantra and that’s about getting the right exercise and the right nutrition.

I find that many of my clients struggle to find the time to train. This is partly about time management and making use of peak energy.

Harriet Green, a businesswoman in the news recently, was famed for her early morning workouts.

I’m planning to set up a 5am club in the New Year. The idea is, working with a time management expert, to provide real motivation, effective exercises and positive energy.

Apr 18

Five Years Celebration as Fitness Coach

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I’m celebrating five years at as fully qualified fitness coach: Here are the five most common mistakes I see people making in the gym:

fitness coach

#1. Nutrition: it is no good exercising hard and eating stupidly.
#2. Boredom: no variety and no motivation
#3. Measurements: not measuring start point and progress
#4. Mismatch: between your goal and exercises you are doing.
#5. Incorrect form: not doing the exercises right, so you are not seeing the benefits.

Are you making any of them? Want to find out? I’m offering a free 30 minute nutrition and fitness review to celebrate my five years.

Please call me on 07531 701 638 or Email me on info (at)

Jul 22

Recommended Daily Protein

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Want to know how much protein you should consume each day? Then keep reading this blog as we tell you all about it.

Protein is one of the three major nutrients that your body needs alongside fats and carbohydrates. The reason why most diets are based on increasing protein intake while reducing carbohydrates and fat is because protein plays a vital role in fat loss. Watch this short video as we ask our Health & Fitness advisor, Lloyd Chivandire, about recommended daily protein intake.

Protein mainly comes from animal sources – for example, meat, fish and eggs – but protein is also found in plants.

    Examples of plant based proteins:


There is a difference between animal protein and plant protein – what we call complete protein and incomplete protein. The best source of protein are complete proteins, ie those which contain all the essential amino acids – the building blocks of cells – that the body needs. Only a few plant-based proteins are complete and these, typically, are the ones used in meat replacement products such as soya or hemp. But if you are not a vegetarian or are not concerned about eating animal-based protein, then go for those, because they have everything that your body needs.

You need protein for several reasons as far as fat loss is concerned. When you consume protein, your body releases a hormone called Glucagon. Glucagon is one of body’s most potent fat burners, without enough glucagon your body can’t burn lots of fat. Proteins provide amino acids, some of which are directly involved in fat metabolism. For example, there are two amino acids that you get from protein that form a third amino acid called L-carnitine. This is responsible for taking fat out of fat cells and delivering it to muscle cells where your muscles can burn it for energy. This makes protein essential for fat metabolism.

Other than protein sources like meat, fish and eggs, and plants like soya and hemp, you also get protein in the form of supplements. Some people don’t like to use supplements containing powdered protein because they think they are for muscle building and adding size. But that’s not true. Protein supplements are one of the ways of making up your Recommended Daily Protein intake to achieve your goal. Protein is not just essential for muscle development and fat loss. It is necessary for general health as well.

How much protein should I be should consuming?

The guidelines stipulate that for fat loss, an average person should consume between 0.8g minimum per kg of their body weight up to about 1.3g. People trying to build muscle or in extreme cases of diet, for example, can consume as much as 1.8g of protein per kg of body weight in total per day.

That is the general guide. Based on the numbers above, do you already get enough protein per day? The most important thing is to establish what your protein intake is at the moment and if it is less than that shown on the chart, then you know you have to increase daily consumption.

I found great free application to track your daily macronutrients, I recommend this to my clients too.

Thanks for  reading this blog.



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