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Meet Dan one of my clients – Video & His results – over 20 weeks

Meet the DanBefore:

17% body fat



11.5% body fat



Dan initially consulted me after he injured his back playing football. His osteopath recommended a course of PT sessions with me to strengthen the muscles that support his back.

After consulting with his osteopath to understand his condition better, I performed a full body assessment to test his muscle strength, body posture and flexibility. Then we put together a detailed exercise programme and nutrition plan. The varied workouts aimed to improve his strength, posture and balance. They incorporated ViPR, foam rollers, stretches, kettle bells and free weights.

While transforming his body, Dan improved his training techniques and learned the proper way to recover from injury. He’s strengthened his back and core. He’s also fitter and more flexible and says he’s noticed improvements in the sports he plays – like football and cycling. I’m still working with him and there’s still lots more to come!

“Tony makes training fun and varied. I’ve got stronger and fitter, and I feel more confident that I can train myself safely. I’m very happy with my results.” Dan Adams

Tony Training Dan

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