Heads up for Christmas & a New Year!

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Recent figures suggests Britain is the fattest nation in Europe. Now there’s talk of the NHS paying for more weight loss operations. According Cancer Research poll in UK estimates that some people alone drink 4,000 calories in the run up to Christmas.

I am writing this as we approach Christmas and a New Year. It’s a time when people often put on weight. But whilst it can be a great time for food, family and fun, I don’t think it should be an excuse to put on weight. After all, lots of turkey or other lean meat and plenty of vegetables are good, not bad, for you. It’s all the extra snacks and particularly the booze that have the “empty” calories. It’s all about choice really. We live a much more sedentary life style now. I was reminded of this when I revisited Georgia.

Exercise is important, but you can’t exercise your way out of an awful diet. You need exercise and nutrition, working together. And talking about nutrition, it’s not just the total calories, but the quality of those calories and how much is protein, carbs and fat. “Fit not thin” is a good mantra and that’s about getting the right exercise and the right nutrition.

I find that many of my clients struggle to find the time to train. This is partly about time management and making use of peak energy.

Harriet Green, a businesswoman in the news recently, was famed for her early morning workouts.

I’m planning to set up a 5am club in the New Year. The idea is, working with a time management expert, to provide real motivation, effective exercises and positive energy.

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