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Want to know how much protein you should consume each day? Then keep reading this blog as we tell you all about it.

Protein is one of the three major nutrients that your body needs alongside fats and carbohydrates. The reason why most diets are based on increasing protein intake while reducing carbohydrates and fat is because protein plays a vital role in fat loss. Watch this short video as we ask our Health & Fitness advisor, Lloyd Chivandire, about recommended daily protein intake.

Protein mainly comes from animal sources – for example, meat, fish and eggs – but protein is also found in plants.

    Examples of plant based proteins:


There is a difference between animal protein and plant protein – what we call complete protein and incomplete protein. The best source of protein are complete proteins, ie those which contain all the essential amino acids – the building blocks of cells – that the body needs. Only a few plant-based proteins are complete and these, typically, are the ones used in meat replacement products such as soya or hemp. But if you are not a vegetarian or are not concerned about eating animal-based protein, then go for those, because they have everything that your body needs.

You need protein for several reasons as far as fat loss is concerned. When you consume protein, your body releases a hormone called Glucagon. Glucagon is one of body’s most potent fat burners, without enough glucagon your body can’t burn lots of fat. Proteins provide amino acids, some of which are directly involved in fat metabolism. For example, there are two amino acids that you get from protein that form a third amino acid called L-carnitine. This is responsible for taking fat out of fat cells and delivering it to muscle cells where your muscles can burn it for energy. This makes protein essential for fat metabolism.

Other than protein sources like meat, fish and eggs, and plants like soya and hemp, you also get protein in the form of supplements. Some people don’t like to use supplements containing powdered protein because they think they are for muscle building and adding size. But that’s not true. Protein supplements are one of the ways of making up your Recommended Daily Protein intake to achieve your goal. Protein is not just essential for muscle development and fat loss. It is necessary for general health as well.

How much protein should I be should consuming?

The guidelines stipulate that for fat loss, an average person should consume between 0.8g minimum per kg of their body weight up to about 1.3g. People trying to build muscle or in extreme cases of diet, for example, can consume as much as 1.8g of protein per kg of body weight in total per day.

That is the general guide. Based on the numbers above, do you already get enough protein per day? The most important thing is to establish what your protein intake is at the moment and if it is less than that shown on the chart, then you know you have to increase daily consumption.

I found great free application to track your daily macronutrients, I recommend this to my clients too.

Thanks for  reading this blog.



Jul 7

What we can learn from Georgia?

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I’m just back to work after taking two weeks off to re-energise and recharge my brain. It’s my first proper week back from Georgia, a really cool place at the eastern end of the Black Sea. It’s also where the origins of winemaking lie.

Those of you who know me, probably know Georgia is my birthplace and I lived there until I was about 14 years old. I have lots of fun memories of it.


Watch this short video I made, while I was there helping my friend, George to prepare the Chilli Plantations.

My uncle David, and friend George

My uncle David, and friend George

What we can learn from Georgia

The Problem of fat

I live in a country, where obesity and sedentary lifestyle are one of the main causes of deaths. In fact scientists predict that by 2020 nearly 60% of the UK population will be overweight and subsequently unhealthy. ?(Well on a fun side you could say that I wouldn’t struggle to find clients, my job would be safe.) But it’s really a recipe for disaster. I didn’t get into this profession to profit on somebody’s poor health; I’m truly passionate about people’s health and well-being. I would rather help save lives now, than have to put up a fight later on.



I believe the best way to tackle weight problems, is to help people to not put on too much weight the first place. But you and I know all too well that seeking professional help for many people is the last thought in their mind, especially when it comes to body issues. But it should be a top priority; this is your health we are talking about. ?If you are concerned about your weight and health, seek advice from a health professional or your doctor. Having a healthy body is literally priceless, and normally it only involves a little discipline to have a well-balanced diet and get regular exercise. These should be sufficient in most instances to help many people achieve their goal.




So, What can we learn from Georgians?

* Wake up early (as Georgians like to say, wake up with the Sun)
* Work with nature
* Eat seasonal food
* Cook fresh produce
* Be outdoors
* Do some physical work
* Make exercise a daily part of your lifestyle
* Spend time around people you enjoy



Over the years our biological make up has not changed at all, but our lifestyles have. We’ve all been genetically bred over the millennia for a great deal of physical activity; to run and walk and hunt and fish and ride and herd. But in a very short span of time that all changed.

Now we spend a huge amount of time indoors under artificial light, exposed to all kinds of chemicals, leading sedentary lives in front of TVs or computers or riding around in cars.

But there are still some parts of the world that have maintained the old traditional ways of doing things, and I’m happy to see Georgia is one of them – well, at least for now.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little blog, and I want to encourage you to express your opinion.


Tony from Georgia


Jul 4

Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Video

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Hey there, Its Tony from GetBodyFit Here, and in this video I want to share how to prepare a simple breakfast, that will give you all the nutrients and minerals your body needs throughout the day.

This is actually a typical breakfast, what I would normally have, when I’m busy. Just under 5 minutes, it shouldn’t take you too long, if you follow the instructions.

Healthy Breakfast | Video


For This Recipe you’ll need four different ingredients. So here we goo!

Normally, This breakfast should keep you full for about 3-4 hours, again you should try to eat 5 to 6 meals a day if you are trying to lose weight and decrease body fat. because body need constant energy going in and out.

Some point of the day you have to exercise. but we are going to cover that in next video. Advanced Dumbbell workout

Thats it for this quick video, hope you’ll try this recipe at some point this week, or next. Its really not that hard to make.

Thanks for watching this.


Take care, Good Bye.


P.s. Just wanted to mention if you live near Kingston Upon Thames, you can purchase some of these ingredients at Panacea Health & Beauty Kingston, and their lovely staff would there to greet you.

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