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What is HIIT Training

The treadmill – 20 minutes
Step 1: Do a 5-minute warm-up by running at a slow speed that’s just fast enough to make you jog.
Step 2: Sprint at a speed of about 9mph – 17mph depending on your fitness level for 30 seconds then reduce the speed to about 4 – 6mph, so that you jog for 60 seconds to recover. Repeat this 12 times.
Step 3 : Cool down for 2-5 minutes by walking at a slow pace.

Pull Up Programme

Part 2 of TRX Lower Abdominal Exercises

Featured Exercises in this Workout:

TRX Roll Out
TRX Roll Out w/ alt Pull
TRX Forward Lunge w/ Side Tilt
TRX Upright Rotation


What is ViPR | ViPR Core Exercise

What is ViPR

This is the Vipr. Your Core Tone workout. If you want to see true results one of the things you need to do is to Train Core.

1. Clock Work
2. Standing Vipr Twist
3. Diagonal Woodchop
4. Water man


Below you will find highly effective workout on POWER-PLATE. This will also give you an idea on what to do on these equipment as I hear many horror stories of how people just stand on them for 15 minutes at a time, if so I hope this inspires you to do more. Enjoy!

Body Weight Exercises

One of the biggest problem is people today don’t have enough time to engage in physical activity, I have Solution for YOU, Here is a great routine I put together, each exercise last for 30 seconds with 10 secs rest, complete all 7 exercises rest for 1 min then repeat again.

Push Up
Prisoner Squat
Running-Man Sit up
One Leg Burpee (Right)
One Leg Burpee (Left)
Lunge Hop
Knee Tuck Rotate Kick (Right)
Knee Tuck Rotate Kick (Left)