Below are a selection of testimonials from our clients. They are all genuine and you are welcome to discuss their comments with them. They have agreed to share and publish this information to public.

Client Video Testimonial

Che’ Caines

Meet Che, a 21-year-old Architecture Degree Student who has been working out with GetBodyFit. For Che’ it has never been easy to add on the lean muscle before.

David Mattinson – Account manager, Thomson Reuters 

GetBodyFit approach to personal training is fresh, young and vibrant. They combine professional knowledge with an obvious motivation to make their clients succeed and cater workouts to the individuals own targets and capabilities.Every session is fun and different with them, motivating you to go that extra mile and achieve results you didn’t think were possible on your own.Apart from anything else they are simply a nice guys who take an interest in what their clients do, both in and out of the gym and it is this personal touch that makes their clients come back for more.” 

David Elliot – IT project manager, Barclays Bank  

You’re best trainer I ever had and I have had a few.

Elaina O’Shea – Media specialist, Audio visual 

Most people who review fitness are talking about weight, but its not really weight, its health, and GetBootyFit Trainers will make you feel great!

Vanessa Ulyssea Mendes – Freelance translator 

I’ve trained with Tony for nearly a year and thoroughly enjoyed it. He has an unique approach to fitness, every single section is different and exciting, a true motivator. If you’re looking for an amazing professional that knows what he’s doing and is constantly studying and improving then look no further.

Sergey Kapustyanskiy – Student, Kingston University 

 I’ve been going to gyms for over the last two and a half years. My aim was to gain lean muscle mass. However I saw little improvement. I’ve decided therefore to get a personal trainer to improve my physique. Training with Tony has helped to improve my technique, as well as providing a tailor made workout and cardio programme. On top of this, Tony has designed a nutrition plan which helps me to achieve my set goals. We are also taking body composition measurements regularly, so we can track my progress. I’m very happy so far with my new workout plan and routines.

Gianni Saghbini – Systems specialist at Sky  

The combination of having trained for over a decade and being in my mid-30’s gave Tony the extra challenge of introducing a fresh and modern approach which would help me achieve a better physique without risking injury and also fit into a tight schedule. The programme which I have been following is challenging but has pushed me beyond my previous boundaries and has aided the way in which I mentally focus at the gym. Tony emphasises measurements and regular fitness testing to track results,  Tony designed a personal workout and nutrition programme to target weaker parts of my body. 

James Harden- Freelance DJ  

Tony is one of the nicest and most switched on guys I have met in the fitness industry, his knowledge and attention to detail is exceptional. When you work and speak with him its clear to see he loves what he does and will do everything in his power to ensure you not only reach your goals but smash them out of the park. I have seen some amazing results using the programs (both workouts and nutritional) he has written specifically for me. He is always on hand for support or to answer any questions I may have. His one on one sessions are extremely educational and he will have you nailing perfect form with every movement on any machine or piece of equipment you use and give you that kick up the back side you need if you are being a princess. I will be working with him in the future for sure and would urge anyone looking to make a change, not only how they look but to their health and general well being to get in touch with him. You will not be disappointed