Personal Training


Have fun while getting serious results at GetBodyFitness!

GetBodyFit offers a wide range of dynamic training options to meet your fitness level and your budget.
Personal Training

With one-on-one training you will receive unparalleled attention to better your workouts, your form and your results. We will also personalise your workouts to correct any existing injuries or muscle imbalances that may be holding you back. We provide the most innovative and exciting equipment in the industry so you will never be unmotivated in your workouts again!

Group Personal Training

Grab a couple of your friends and sign up for group personal training! You and a few of your friends can enjoy the benefits and attention of personal training for half the cost of one-on-one training, plus you get to enjoy the accountability, motivation and company of your friends! Contact us to find out more…

Group Training Camps

Experience the benefits of  training and the camaraderie that will help you to reach your goals. At a fraction of the cost of personal training, group training provides the accountability and expertise you need. Our instructors are highly qualified and skilled to make sure you perform the movements in the most correct manner. Say goodbye to boring workouts forever! Exclusive Fitness for Women only Find out more…