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GetBootyFit is a women’s-only boot camp which combines the fat-burning power of cardiovascular workouts, with the lean muscle-building capabilities of a bootcamp workout.

The goal of the 4 Week Intensive Booty Camp Fitness Programme is to enable women to burn off any stubborn fat pockets that they might be battling. The programme will also tone the entire body with a special emphasis on a women’s booties. See full Site

GBF evolves Cardio Training! With Cardio you burn calories whilst exercising. With GBF you not only burn calories during the exercise itself, but you continue to do so for up to 48 hours later! This is known as Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption. GBF also jacks up your metabolism, improves insulin resistance and shuts down the fat storing enzyme in your body. Find out more about GetBootyFit by taking a tour of our membership benefits.


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