Healthy Breakfast Recipe: Video

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Hey there, Its Tony from GetBodyFit Here, and in this video I want to share how to prepare a simple breakfast, that will give you all the nutrients and minerals your body needs throughout the day.

This is actually a typical breakfast, what I would normally have, when I’m busy. Just under 5 minutes, it shouldn’t take you too long, if you follow the instructions.

Healthy Breakfast | Video


For This Recipe you’ll need four different ingredients. So here we goo!

  • Porridge –100 Grams,  Make Porridge with Organic Oats, add about 150ml still water, if it feels little too dry you can always add extra water.
  • Linseeds – 30 – 50 grams,  This is the powerful seed, that provides all Omega three fatty acids, that your body needs for the cardiovascular health.
  • A Raw Sunflower Seeds – 30 – 50 grams, make sure they are not roasted,  when these are heated they do lose lot of goodness.
  • Whey isolate protein – 1 to 2 Scoops, Whey isolate protein is the highest forms of protein. It also gives your body extra protein for building muscle. Those of you who are dieting and trying to decrease body fat, whey protein is also good source of supplement to add.

Ingredients for Breakfast Video

Normally, This breakfast should keep you full for about 3-4 hours, again you should try to eat 5 to 6 meals a day if you are trying to lose weight and decrease body fat. because body need constant energy going in and out.

Some point of the day you have to exercise. but we are going to cover that in next video. Advanced Dumbbell workout

Thats it for this quick video, hope you’ll try this recipe at some point this week, or next. Its really not that hard to make.

Thanks for watching this.


Take care, Good Bye.


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