First Women only Bootcamp opens up in kingston

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Signature Bootcamp workout

Personal fitness trainer Tony Laliashvili has created a fitness programme that combines the fat-burning power of cardiovascular workouts, with the lean muscle-building capabilities of a bootcamp workout. His signature programme is called the 4 Week Intensive Booty Camp Fitness Programme. Its goal is to enable women to burn off any stubborn fat pockets that they might be battling. It also tones the entire body, with a special emphasis on improving clients’ booties! The programme teaches overall physical fitness and provides advice on proper nutrition.

At the moment Boot Camp fitness is quite popular and can be traced to the present economic environment.  Many consumers are watching their money, while simultaneously trying to stretch their personal budgets to achieve personal fitness in a concise and effective manner.

Many people understand the benefits and the necessities of exercise. The Exercise not only burns fat, but helps to improve insulin resistance, shuts down fat storage hormones such as cortisol, and helps humans obtain the deep and restorative sleep that they need. However, many find that they need fitness help in order to implement and maintain a healthy and effective fitness plan. New fitness trainees often find that despite their desire and willingness to exercise, they still need the guidance of an experienced Personal Trainer. Unfortunately, PT services are quite a costly nowadays, so GBF offers an affordable and effective alternative.

This is why Tony’s programme has become so popular! GBF enables fitness participants to be able to train in a group setting, which always costs less per participant. The 4 Week Booty Camp programme will enable women to shape the very desirable firm booty, while losing their last stubborn pounds and obtaining other health benefits.

Find out more about GetBootyFit by taking a tour of our membership benefits.

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