Top 6 Dumbest and Craziest Things People Do in Gyms.

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This article is my observation of craziest things people do in gyms, Being a personal coach in general usually means I’ll be spending a lot of time in the gym past few years, And to be honest I don’t know everything and don’t think I know everything. But sometimes I see people doing the dumbest and weirdest things imaginable.

Lets get this started….

1. The Guys Who Look At Themselves In The Mirror Every 15 Seconds – Probably the biggest cliche in the fitness industry are these giant ego guys who can’t help but look at the extra little growth they’re seeing from pumping a bunch of blood to their muscles.

2. The Over Functional Training Guy – People working out with on a Stability ball while standing on 1-leg and doing shoulder presses.  He’s trying way too hard and wasting his time.  And the worst part is people who don’t know what they’re doing or are newbies to the gym watch this guy and start copying him because they never seen anybody else doing it.

3. The Perv Who Just Likes to Stare At Girls – Probably one of the biggest things that scares women off from going to the gym in the male dominated area (Free Weights).  Let’s be honest here, we’ve all seen that guy who does one exercise of bench press and spends the rest of the time sitting around and staring at women. This guy needs to get a life and stop taking up space.

4. The People Who Never Work Out – You’ll see these people reading a magazine or newspaper while sipping a cup of coffee as they have absolutely zero training productivity.  These people are here for the social scene and prefer not to break a sweat but instead talk the whole time and bother every body else.

5. I’m going to gym but I think I’ll do catwalk – You’ve seen these people working out at the gym in the skimpiest clothes possible they really shouldn’t be.  They’ll wear a sports bra top and let their pot belly hang out for everyone to see.  Not to mention most of them wear far to much slap on their face. I need extra tissue to wipe dirt of your face to see how ridiculous you look.!!

6. I Walk Around Buck Naked In The Locker Room – These are the people who are constantly walking around the locker room buck naked and don’t even bother to wear a towel.  You do your best to not look but can not help it sometimes and makes you never want to shower at the gym again.  You’ll also see these people brushing their teeth naked and blow drying their private parts right in front of you.

Leave a comment below and let us know what other crazy things you’re seeing in the gym too.

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